Alison Jacobson is an author, motivational speaker, and TV spokesperson familiar to many from her numerous appearances as a child safety advocate on national television shows including CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America. Alison's ability to connect with people in an uplifting and engaging manner while providing important information on safety and wellness make her a popular speaker for companies and organizations. 



"My 17-year-old son Spencer has intellectual disabilities.  He is a loving, kind and compassionate young man but his ability to stay engaged in a conversation, impulsivity issues and speech/language deficits make it difficult for him to establish friendships.   Through his sister’s work dog sitting, Spencer’s has had the opportunity to help, and I’ve witnessed the powerful bonds he’s formed with the dogs.  I know how transformative these relationships with dogs can be for kids like Spencer and other on the spectrum.  

Michele BENNETT 

Michele has been working in the fields of writing, public relations and marketing communications for more than 15 years. Clients and assignments have ranged from Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and global humanitarian organizations to small businesses and local non-profits.  She is the Founder  of 1LCommunications, a public relations consultancy in Wilton, CT. 



 "I decided to support this project because my family has been touched both by autism and by the wonderful dogs in our lives. The ability of an animal to sense when our loved ones are out of sorts, need a kiss or a cuddle, or just to allow themselves to be petted, is nothing short of extraordinary, and the more children whose lives can be enriched by such a blessing, the better."






Julie is the Founder and CEO of Shared Abilities, an online community for sharing information about special needs and celebrating all we are able to accomplish!  The website provides current news and information, has more than 100 discussion groups and has a searchable provider directory. Prior to starting Shared Abilities, Julie's career revolved around the finance world.  She has worked on Wall Street as an Investment Banker and has been the CFO of several companies.  



"If one child with special needs can find more happiness or have their life become a little easier, let's document it and share it so everyone can learn from the experience. And maybe that one child will turn into two and so on. This film has the potential to reach and inspire millions of families––both with and without special needs children."