Everyone needs a buddy, right? David, a sweet and affectionate seven-year-old boy who loves swimming, gymnastics, and Wii bowling, needs a buddy more than most.  David has autism. He has difficulty communicating, misses social cues, gets upset by loud noises, and likes to wander. He’s too anxious to sleep alone so his Dad frequently sleeps on the floor by his bed to help him feel more secure. David has never had a best friend. In fact, David, who tends to withdraw into his own insular world, doesn’t have any friends. But Buddy, a 10-month-old Golden Retriever, is going to change all that. 


Buddy is a specially bred and trained autism assistance dog who will help his boy, David, stay safe and navigate challenging social situations. Buddy will also inspire David to communicate more with the rest of the world, teach him responsibility, and perhaps most of all, be his friend.


THE BUDDY SYSTEM follows David and Buddy before they meet, during their first introduction, and after Buddy comes to live with the family. The film captures their respective journeys as both boy and young dog learn and grow together. The film also chronicles the stories of other children and their dog “buddies” and reveals how much a dog can make a difference in the life of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  








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A child who connects with a dog, connects to the world.

THE BUDDY SYSTEM tells the intimate stories of three families touched by autism, who experience meaningful change when a specially trained assistance dog comes into each of their lives.

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